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Brian Sampson was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Northern California. His parents were both musicians and public educators when he began writing, shooting, directing and acting in his own video productions at an early age. His first science-fiction movie, "A Game of Power," won the California State Media Festival in 1983. His second production, "Dark Star of Eden," also won awards at state and local media festivals the following year. Brian continued to study filmmaking and acting during college. In 1990, he visited Los Angeles for a UCLA summer session in the M.P.T.A. program and was hired as a stand-in for the movie, "The Howling VI." Having learned much from that experience, he worked next as a production assistant on the HBO movie, "The Water Engine." Sampson returned to Northern California to finish college and produced two more independent productions for public access television, "Border Patrol II" and "The Knight Warrior." During his senior year at CSU, Chico, he worked as a camera operator and weekend reporter at KCPM Channel 24 before moving to Los Angeles where he was hired as a photographer at an extras casting company in 1996. He worked there for a year, photographing new clients, before trying extra-work as a means to earn his SAG card. He joined the Screen Actor's Guild in 1999 after being featured on season #9, Episode 11 of 90210, (The original series) and went on to play a uniformed policeman on several episodes of the television series Nash Bridges. He continues to act and work on film and television projects in Northern and Southern California.

Name: Brian Sampson

Known for: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes