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Brian was trained in classical and musical theatre at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He continued developing as an actor, improviser and director at The Second City and Upfront Comedy in Santa Monica, California. He excelled at physical comedy and movement and combined with his athletic skills was propelled into a career as a suit performer. He landed a job as one of only twelve gymnasts, dancers and actors selected from over 1,000 performers to portray the killer Grey Gorillas in the film Congo. Prior to shooting, he trained for 20 weeks with ape movement experts John Alexander and Peter Elliot perfecting his realistic gorilla movement. It was also Brian's first experience in a fully animatronic head. Since then, Brian has worked in commercials, television and film, expanding his character repertoire to include a wide variety of animals and creatures, working in costumes and prosthetic makeup and also as a motion capture artist for digital imaging. Brian's ability to teach, organize and direct other performers has naturally progressed into the role of Movement Coordinator for several projects. Brian can also be found listed in a few film's credits as a writer, producer and even under makeup effects. Brian also manages to maintain a career as an accomplished actor out of costume.

Name: Brian La Rosa

Known for: Congo

BirthDay: 15, Oct ,1965

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