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Brett began mixing live sound for his high school's theatrical productions. As a teenager he became interested in motion pictures and began making short films with now well-known Producer D. Scott Lumpkin. Brett's first film job was working in craft services and as a U.S. Sailor in the 1992 Warner Brothers film "Under Siege". During filming Brett observed Production Sound Mixer Scott Smith which is what led to Brett's interest in film sound. Shortly thereafter while working on "Raw Justice" as a grip Brett made friends with Production Sound Mixer Whit Norris. Whit offered Brett an opportunity to learn film sound and work as his sound utility on his next film "Dream Stalker" shooting in Atlanta during the summer of 1993. Brett continued to work for Whit on various projects until pursuing a career with the Government. During his other work Brett remained involved in movies when time permitted until deciding to return to film full time.

Name: Brett Luciana Murray

Known for: Oculus