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Brent David Fraser is the son of 17th, 18th and 19th century Scottish, Dutch and Austrian immigrants to New York and New Jersey who gained American prominence as builders, church reformers, Freemasons, and businessmen. He has Highland Fraser and Noble on his father's side, with Lowland Hodge and Tate, with Dutch Nieukirk/Newkirk and Austrian Lunger on his mother's side. Fraser was born in Bremerton, raised in Bellingham (Washington) and began his career as an actor and singer/songwriter in the Seattle live theatre and music scene in 1985. He'd begun writing poetry as a young boy and in his teens taught himself to play the guitar and the harmonica, as well as writing music on the piano and a few other instruments. His first influences were his mother's favorites-Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce and Jackson Browne. His tastes eventually made the transition to pop-radio hard rock, then on to David Bowie and new wave, to the campy Glam of the late 80's, to Tom Waits. After moving to Seattle where he began working in semi-professional theatre, and "working" as a "busker" in the Pike Place Market, he was accepted to The North Carolina School of the Arts but left after less than a year heading back to Seattle to study privately with Mark Jenkins, and begin working as a professional actor and playing local clubs. He worked repeatedly with The Group Theatre, in plays such as "Tamer of Horses" with William Mastrosimone, and "Tracers" with John DiFusco, but it wasn't until he landed his first feature film role in Keith Gordon's, The Chocolate War, that Los Angelenos took notice of his talent and encouraged him to move south. Upon arrival in L.A. he landed a string of starring roles in independent features including Jezebel's Kiss with Malcolm McDowell, Wild Orchid 2 with Nina Siemaszko and Tom Skerritt, The Dark side of Genius with Seymour Cassel, Finola Hughes and Moon Zappa, and The Little Death with Dwight Yoakam, J.T.Walsh and Pamela Gidley. He was in David Lynch's, Wild at Heart with Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern and New Line's Book of Love with Chris Young and Josie Bissett. His chameleon talents were utilized as "Jed" the socially inept, criminal drug-chemist in the gritty, Broken Vessels, for which he and Martin Blasick wrote much of the music and score. He played a young crooner in the film Farewell to Harry, with Joe Flanigan and legendary Magician/Actor/Comedian Carl Ballantine. He also starred in Tall as Trees, a Filipino/American film shot in Manila, with Chin Chin Gutierrez and Monsour Del Rosario. Fraser has also appeared in television series' such as, Fox TV's The Tracy Ullman Show, NBC's Dark Skies (as Jim Morrison), and Showtime's The Outer Limits. MGM/Trilogy wrote a challenging character, combining his talents as an actor and singer as a recurring character on the show Fame-L.A. in which they also placed some of his original songs on the show and two of the songs Fraser sang can be heard on the show's compilation CD, on Mercury Records. The opportunity to have his own songs placed in TV and film productions in which he worked as an actor or not, has carried throughout his career. Fraser has recorded his songs with artists such as Warren Zevon and Don Henley's band via Manager/Producer Andrew Slater, and Global Producer/Musician Corrado Rustici (Aretha Franklin, Cyndi Lauper, Elton John, Sting, Bono, Pavarotti). His writing talents were utilized by Corrado to write three songs with Italian artist Elisa Tofoli, for her album Pipes and Flowers. After development deals with Randy Jackson at Sony and Lou Maglia at Zoo Records, Santa Monica based Motion City Records found him reverting to his roots in a coffee house acoustic gig and offered a record deal, which he accepted, hoping that with an independent label he would get to make the album that suited his artistic sensibilities. He also recorded 13 tracks for an unfinished album with Derek Frigo (Enuff-z-Nuff) holding great promise until Frigo's untimely death in 2004. He co-wrote 5 songs with Tim Schools and Joey Molland of Badfinger, with plans for upcoming tracks. On his concept CD "Albion Moonlight and the Sea of Troubles" with Motion City Records producer Martin Blasick, Fraser makes use of poetry, theatricality and all of the influences he has ever known. It's the mythical story of a young man recovering the imposed and self-imposed losses due to a mental illness centered in the ego/mind. It's a tale of redemption and love. Upon hearing it, with a desire to record a follow-up album with him, legendary Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, John Lennon) said of Fraser that he was one of the best songwriters to come along since Lennon. Fraser's Scottish heritage being closest of anything to his heart, he is a lifetime member of his family founded (1961) Clan Fraser Association for California and is a Fellow in good standing of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. He also studies a bit of Gaelic and Hebrew. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Kasey Louise Fraser, whom he married in July of 2013. since Nov 2011.

Name: Brent David Fraser

Known for: Wild at Heart

BirthDay: 21, Feb ,1967

The Chocolate W
Fatal Charm
Wild Orchid II&