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Bob Hastings got his show business start in radio after WWII as the voice of "Archie Andrews" in the show of the same name (a spin-off of the Archie Comics series) on the Mutual Broadcasting System. The good-looking Hastings made the transition to television smoothly in 1949 in early galactic-action series like "Captain Video and His Video Rangers" and "Atom Squad". His first recurring role was as a lieutenant on "The Phil Silvers Show" (aka "Sgt. Bilko").

Most of his career has been spent in television, and he's notable for roles such as Captain Binghamton's yes-man "Lieutenant Elroy Carpenter" on "McHale's Navy", one of the two Tommy Kelsey's on "All in the Family", and "Captain Ramsey" on "General Hospital". Hastings has also done much voice work, including that of "The Raven" on "The Munsters", "Superboy" on the "The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure" cartoons in the 1960s and, in recent years, the voice of "Commissioner Gordon" on the animated "Batman: The Animated Series" cartoons.

Name: Bob Hastings

Known for: McHale's Navy

BirthDay: 18, Apr ,1925