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Andrzej (Andrew) Krukowski was born in Augustow, Poland and is a well established actor and producer working in the business for the last 25 years. His journey into the art of film started when he graduated from internationally acclaimed National School of Film, Television and Theater in Lodz, Poland (Bachelor of Arts, 1985).

Andrzej's acting career was kick started with cooperation on two projects with Polish Film School legend Wojciech Jerzy Has in 1985 with movie entitled Pismak, and followed by Osobisty pamietnik grzesznika przez niego samego spisany in 1986. After few years of cooperation with Polish filmmakers, Andrzej immigrated to the United States where he still currently resides.

Within the limits of the timeline of his career, Andrzej Krukowski managed to stay in touch with his colleagues in the Polish filmmaking industry with whom he undertook efforts to secure his position as a known artist. Most notable and famous was the role of Frank Botti in Wojciech Wojcik's feature production SFORA: Without Mercy (2002), which with it's popularity became a TV series twice afterwards in a mini series version of the feature as well as in the continuation of the story in Forgers: Return of SFORA (2007).

Andrzej's wings spread also into the field of film production. Starting with being an executive producer to Forgers (TV), he proceeded to be a producer of Cass Catches Susan (short, 2009), Black Mail (feature 2010), and Absolution (short, 2010).

The last decade of Andrzej's work could be categorized as quite successful and accomplished. He starred in Michael Mann's Public Enemies (2009), The Last Rites of Joe May (2010), Polish Bar (2010), as well as Wieslaw Saniewski's The Winner (2011). In the meantime he devoted his time to acting in short artistic productions of varying scale. The spectrums of Andrzej's performances include cooperation with many talented and well recognized names. Lately we had an opportunity to see him in latest Shawn Ryan's cop drama series The Chicago Code (2011).

Name: Andrzej Krukowski

Known for: Public Enemies

BirthDay: 30, Nov ,1961