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Andre Alexsen was born and raised in Hollywood, California under the Hollywood sign. His grandmother Mileva Petrovich escaped the Nazi occupation in WWII where most of her family were killed or separated. She moved her family to Hollywood, where Andre was born and raised. She told Andre that Hollywood movies, MGM, and other major studio films helped her mentally escape the cruelties of War. As a child Andre remembers playing in the Hollywood hills with his German Shepherd "Buddy" and watching classic movies and TV shows as he played make believe cops, cowboys, fireman, and soldiers. His family moved to a ranch home in Tarzana, CA in the San Fernando Valley across the street from actor Steven Boyd from "Ben Hur" fame. Steven was a big influence on Andre as an actor, and down the block lived actor and World full contact karate champ Bob Wall aka Ohara in "Enter The Dragon" with Bruce Lee. It was Bob who got Andre interested and started in Martial Arts and then moving on to Krav Maga where he trained with Israeli Commandos. Andre attended Portola Junior High and then went on to Taft High in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley, CA where he played football, started surfing, and got into racing muscle cars. He met a great friend named Patrick Beckwith of the movie "Big Wednesday" at Taft, who got him into his first Mattel skateboard commercial as an actor/stunt skateboard rider. After graduation, Andre started working at The 20th Century Fox during the time Mash, Love Boat and Hart to Hart were all filming. "Fall Guy" was the first stunt show that Andre worked on, produced by Lee Majors. Andre also worked grip and lighting as well as a stage manager, second unit director, directing for Hollywood National Studio's (now 204 Studios) for friend Dick Sheehan. But it was always stunts, stunt coordinating, directing, hosting, acting and producing that he wanted and loved to do. Andre studied with World famous acting coach Howard Fine and picked up as much as he could learn at his studio from Alexander technique to voice production and hosting to advanced scene study. Andre currently trains private instruction MMA with the World famous Grand Master Sensei and never defeated Champion Gokor Chivichyan, who is now a great friend of Andres. Gokor Chivichyan is the owner of Hayastan MMA in North Hollywood, where Uncle Judo Gene Lebell, the Godfather of Grappling/top Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator had taught Andre about stunts, fighting, and Entertainment. This dojo also included Andre's other legendary instructors Benny (The Jet) Urquidez and Sensei Santos Flaniken where all these instructors train World Champions and top UFC Fighters in MMA, Judo, Jujitsu, Grappling, and Striking. Andre is also a weapons expert and instructor. He has trained with and helped train the US Military, Army, Special Ops, PJs, Navy Seals, Marine Corps, Black Hawk Crews, and Border Patrol from his Dad's Private Military Government Contracted Ranch in Arizona where the Dillion Mini Guns got started. Throughout the years, Andre has used his weapon expertise to work for Law Enforcement, P.I. Firms, Private Security, and has successfully made many arrests and saved lives. He is now an accomplished Stuntman Actor, Stunt Coordinator, Daredevil TV show host, Action director, wild animal handler trainer, skydiver, scuba diver, adrenaline junkie, weapons expert, auto racer, stunt driver, and much more. His love for animals led him to keep working on set with animals, and all the things he had done growing up had prepared him for it. He rescues animals and then trained them for TV and Film. In return he gets blessed for it. Even his rescue German Shepherds have been hired for K9 cop units on TV shows. Animal rescue and conservation is a very important cause for Andre and it will always be. He has worked with Tigers, Jaguars, Monkeys, Rhinos, African Elephants, Bears, Lions, Leopards, Horses, and more! One day at the Perris, California drop zone, Andre had spotted the most beautiful woman that he had seen and she happened to be a skydiver with even more jumps than him. They began to skydive together and it was love at first flight. They are now inseparable, happily married, and train together in everything from skydiving, scuba diving, MMA, weapons, surfing, horseback riding, adrenaline activities, and are not only in love, but are best friends for life. She is now the Adrenaline Woman of his dreams and is known as Lina "Falcon" Alexsen, Stuntwoman, and Registered Nurse, as you can imagine it's just what the Doctor ordered due to all of the injuries and craziness of Andre. The most important things to Andre are God, Family, Country, our Military and Vets, and all of his animal friends that help keep him grounded. After many credits in TV, Film, Music Videos, Commercials, and working for other people from Spielberg, Ron Howard, to Clint Eastwood, Andre has now formed his own production company. He is an Executive Producer, Action Director, writer, and has his own deals for three of his own TV shows. Andre is known as the Adrenaline Man aka "Relentless" and his show is airing soon and going Global on Discovery Channel, to be followed by his other shows and Feature Films that he will be directing and starring in as Host, Exec Producer, Director and more. Recently he has finished working on a show with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett and is also working with China and the Asia Pacific on future big projects in TV and Film. Andre's dreams and goals are to be remembered for helping and rescuing abandoned, starving, abused, and hurt people and animals of this world using his name and resources to make the world a less hostile place and heal and feed the broken and to provide better lives for them. His dream in Entertainment is to bring back quality TV Programming and Entertainment that is not only exciting but educational which can be watched with the whole family and in all Nations of the World. A special thanks to Rae Williams (Dad) for all the life lessons.

Name: Andre Alexsen

Known for: Adrenaline Man

BirthDay: 18, Mar ,1961