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Akima "Hus" Castaneda was born and raised in Santa Barbara in at the Viilage of" Syuchtune "Akima is a member of the"Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation" in Southern California Akima holds a degree in Political Science and Enviromental Studies and has been involved in human rights issues since the mid-70's .Has assisted in over 250 film,and video productions to date. He specializes in the placement for many Native American Talent for Hollywood. He also serves as a Technical Advisor for Native American Films. He assisted Mindy Marin for the auditions for the film "WindTalkers" Akima started his career in 1993 on the film "On Deadly Ground" starring Michael Caine and Steven Segal. Some of his best roles includes the character "RedBlood" in "The Homecoming of Jimmy White Cloud" -"Redblood". He also played in Andrew Stanton's film project entitled "John Carter" as an Apache Leader. Played an Indian chief on Oliver Stones project "Savages" . Matt Stone and Trey Parker of "South Park" wrote Akima in to play the character "Kanook-Nook" the Eskimo, playing opposite Timothy Bottoms on "Thats My Bush" for Comedy Central. Akima assisted in the Production of the documentary, "Samala Chumash People" of Santa Ynez for the Chumash Casino and Resort. This documentary depicts how the Samala people survived the past to success of their present day. His goal is to make people laugh until tears comes to their eyes. Akima has done this so well for many as 11 seasons for the Jay Leno's Thanksgiving Specials on "The Tonight Show". Akima has a been involved in his own humanitarian mentorship program since the 70's he does this for various schools and professional organizations around the country. He is very elaborate when he depicts the Native American way of life. The way of life before the Spanish Conquistadors/conquerors wrote their Manifest Destiny Literature and dogma of Christianity. Akima dedicates 50% of his income to the teachings of "Envisioning the Other Side of the River before it Dries Up IE; A life without programming and indoctrination. Akima was also involved on the first "Earthday" committee in Santa Barbara in 1970 due to the huge oil spill of 1969,and the Cesar Chavez UFW movement to help the farm workers civil rights issues

Name: Akima

Known for: John Carter