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Adam Beach was raised on the Dog Creek First Nations Reserve with his two brothers. A troubled childhood saw his mother killed by a drunk driver, and his alcoholic father drowned only weeks afterward. The three brothers went to live with their grandmother and then with their uncle and aunt in Winnipeg, where Adam joined drama classes and began acting in local theatre productions.

Since then he has appeared in over 60 films and television programs. His performance in the Academy Award-nominated Clint Eastwood-directed "Flags of Our Fathers" was phenomenal. He played Ira Hayes, a Pima Native American who was one of the six US Marines to raise the American flag on Iwo Jima and who found the resulting fame hard to handle, subsequently giving way to alcoholism. This alone would have been an emotional role for Adam to play; however, during filming, both his grandmother and best friend passed away. His role as Hayes is both realistic and heartbreaking, earning him two Best Supporting Actor Award Nominations. He stands out well above the rest of the cast.

Adam has been further nominated for three Awards for his role in "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" including a Golden Globe. He has put in terrific performances in the comedy film "Joe Dirt" and the John Woo World War II war epic "Windtalkers" in which he co-starred with Nicolas Cage.

He headlined the cast in the Walt Disney production "Squanto: A Warrior's Tale", featured in John Singleton's "Four Brothers" and starred with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in the science fiction-western smash hit "Cowboys & Aliens". He had a starring recurring role in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Big Love".

Adam hopes to be appointed leader of his Lake Manitoba First Nation.

Name: Adam Beach

Known for: Flags of Our Fathers

BirthDay: 11, Nov ,1972

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